It’s Saturday!

It’s Saturday and the first day of the half-term break!  Yay!  I’m hoping to get lots done this week.

I’ve started work on a pinafore dress in a lovely pink/black woollen fabric.  The pattern is McCall’s M5464 (view A). 


I’d love to get it finished by Wednesday so that I can wear it to visit my Dad, but I think that’s probably a bit optimistic!  So far it’s been pretty easy to construct though – apart from one rather scary instruction to “slash” the dart.  I find things like that terrifying as it’s so permanent, one wrong move and your garment is ruined.  Actually, after a bit of encouragement from my lovely sewing teacher Babs, I found that slashing the dart was really not that scary at all.  Armed with my cutting board and rotary cuttter I simply sliced along the slash line – easy peasy!  So that’s another addition to my list of “new things learned”.

We’re off to Cardiff on Tuesday for shopping and a spot of lunch.  I’m really looking forward to browsing the fabric shops on City Road while we’re there.  I’ll tell you all about it later in the week!

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