All signed-up for September!

I’ve finally got myself into gear and enrolled myself on my next dressmaking course.  This year I’m going to do OCN Level 2 (well I have done Level 1 for the last two years so it’s probably time I moved on!).  These classes have given me so much confidence in my sewing and I’ve met so many lovely people – I would recommend it to anyone.

Babs our tutor had hoped to run a City & Guilds course in Pattern Cutting this year.  Now that’s something I’d really like to get into!  I love the idea of being able to create something from scratch without using a commercial pattern – currently I wouldn’t know where to start.  Unfortunately though, the college wouldn’t give her the go-ahead to run the course which is a shame.

Well, on to non-sewing related things – it looks like Poppy the cat wants to be fed.  She’s just stomped all over the computer keyboard in a very indignant fashion!  I’m guessing I’ll have no peace until I put some biscuits in her dish ….


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