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Meet Doris

I’m so excited!  My latest sewing acquisition arrived today!  My very own Lady Valet dressform.

I’ve hummed and ha-ad about getting one for ages but kept telling myself it was an extravagance I really didn’t need.  How wrong was I??  I’ve been making a Christmas dress for a friend and have been using a dressform in evening class to work on it (post still to come).  I was sold!

So, I pooled my Christmas money (thank you family) and ordered one from Jaycotts on Christmas Eve.  Doris arrived this afternoon.

She’s already wearing a half-finished velvet top that’s been sitting in a carrier bag for about two years – maybe I’ll get it finished now.

I’ll keep you posted on how Doris and I get on.


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I’m not quite sure what to say …..

…. which is unusual for me.

I popped into Tesco this afternoon for some post-Christmas pre-New Year milk, bread etc and discovered that the Christmas goods have been pushed right to the end of their aisle and replaced with ……….


Has the world gone mad????

Quite possibly.

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