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Woo-hoo for the Jean-a-ma-jig!

You know what its like – somebody asks you to turn up a pair of jeans.  “Yeah, no problem” you say, “leave them with me and I’ll have them done in a jiffy”.

And then they sit there staring at you for weeks.

So after another nagging from my friend this afternoon I thought I’d better crack on.  One of the reasons I’ve been putting it off is because I hate sewing over the thick seams on jeans.  They make my machine go haywire and I’m terrified of breaking it.  But now I have a secret weapon …….

This nifty little gadget only cost a couple of pounds and is designed to help you stitch over those pesky seams.  I’ve had it in my sewing drawer for about two years now but I haven’t been able to work out how to use it.  Yes, I know – why didn’t I look on the www for advice?  I have no answer.  Sometimes I am just stupid.

Anyway, I finally took the plunge today and took it out of the drawer.  I Googled “how to use a jean-a-ma-jig” and up the answer popped.  It was so darned simple even my cat could have used it!  For those of you keen to know how this little bit of plastic works click –          

It was easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Anyone need some jeans turning up?


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Happy 2011!

Well, here we are.  2011.  Is this going to be the start of a mega-crafting year for me I wonder?  I would like it to be, but, knowing myself as I do, I will probably spend much of the year procrastinating.  Does it count if you read about crafting?  I do lots of that.  I love to sit and read about all the wonderful projects I could start, then plan what fabric I’m going to use and when I’d wear or use said completed project.  And then I don’t actually do it.  I’m a bit rubbish that way.  I need to be poked with a stick to actually get something done.  Which leads neatly to my latest project …….

I poked myself with a stick for this one.  I wanted to make myself a dress for my work Christmas “do”, so to make sure I actually started (and finished it) I told everyone in work that I was GOING TO MAKE MY OWN DRESS.  They were suitably impressed which meant I had to pull my finger out and get on with it!

The pattern I chose was Butterick 4343. 

I’d seen Tess Daly sporting something similar in “Strictly” a few weeks earlier and she looked fab in it (I however am not Tess Daly but I didn’t let that minor point bother me!).  As the pattern claimed to be “Fast & Easy” I thought I’d give it a go.

Well, it was neither fast nor easy but I rather suspect that the problem was more to do with my lack of expertise than the pattern itself.  I needed to make a Full Bust Adjustment in order to contain my ample bosom which took a couple of attempts with a toile.  Got there in the end though.

I’d bought some lovely fabric online from Fabricland – “Can Can” taffeta in Shot Peacock colour.  They also supplied me with the lining, zip and thread for a grand total of £17.  Bargain!

Making the dress went without too many hitches (although I did manage to cut the lining out the wrong way round and stitch it to the dress back to front!).  After a lot of huffing and unpicking I managed to sort that out.

Everyone in work got a blow-by-blow account of how the dress was coming on (whether they wanted it or not) bless them, and I managed to finish it with two whole days to spare!

I’m sure you’re all desperate to see the finished result aren’t you?  Here it is – drum roll please – Tada!!

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