Happy 2011!

Well, here we are.  2011.  Is this going to be the start of a mega-crafting year for me I wonder?  I would like it to be, but, knowing myself as I do, I will probably spend much of the year procrastinating.  Does it count if you read about crafting?  I do lots of that.  I love to sit and read about all the wonderful projects I could start, then plan what fabric I’m going to use and when I’d wear or use said completed project.  And then I don’t actually do it.  I’m a bit rubbish that way.  I need to be poked with a stick to actually get something done.  Which leads neatly to my latest project …….

I poked myself with a stick for this one.  I wanted to make myself a dress for my work Christmas “do”, so to make sure I actually started (and finished it) I told everyone in work that I was GOING TO MAKE MY OWN DRESS.  They were suitably impressed which meant I had to pull my finger out and get on with it!

The pattern I chose was Butterick 4343. 

I’d seen Tess Daly sporting something similar in “Strictly” a few weeks earlier and she looked fab in it (I however am not Tess Daly but I didn’t let that minor point bother me!).  As the pattern claimed to be “Fast & Easy” I thought I’d give it a go.

Well, it was neither fast nor easy but I rather suspect that the problem was more to do with my lack of expertise than the pattern itself.  I needed to make a Full Bust Adjustment in order to contain my ample bosom which took a couple of attempts with a toile.  Got there in the end though.

I’d bought some lovely fabric online from Fabricland – “Can Can” taffeta in Shot Peacock colour.  They also supplied me with the lining, zip and thread for a grand total of £17.  Bargain!

Making the dress went without too many hitches (although I did manage to cut the lining out the wrong way round and stitch it to the dress back to front!).  After a lot of huffing and unpicking I managed to sort that out.

Everyone in work got a blow-by-blow account of how the dress was coming on (whether they wanted it or not) bless them, and I managed to finish it with two whole days to spare!

I’m sure you’re all desperate to see the finished result aren’t you?  Here it is – drum roll please – Tada!!

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  1. 1

    Daisy said,

    It’s absolutely gorgeous! Definitely not a stitch out of place for the Oscars! Go glam seamstress!
    Happy New Year!

  2. 2

    Lisa said,

    As I commented on your review on PR your dress is gorgeous. I wondered where you bought your fabric and wow what a bargain lol !

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