Heather & Chloe

Heather & Chloe



About Me

My passion for crafting started in earnest almost 12 years ago when my daughter Chloe was born.  

I’d been taught to crochet as a child, but other than the odd doll’s blanket, I’d never really made anything of worth.  When Chloe came along I really wanted to dress her in the beautiful crochet bonnets and matinee coats that I saw in Swansea Market.  They were just so expensive, I knew the only way she would have them is if I made them myself.  I armed myself with an old crochet pattern, a hook and a ball of white wool.  Pleased with the finished result, I was “hooked” (excuse the pun).  Eventually, I made far more than she could ever wear, so for a little while I supplied a local babywear shop.

Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of different crafts – glass painting, jewellery making, card making and now of course, dressmaking.  I’ve enrolled on an evening class and I’m loving it!  It’s a great way to learn new skills and make new friends too.  It’s also a little bit of “me” time once a week.

Heather lives in South Wales with her husband Kevin, two children Jamie & Chloe and their cat Poppy.  She works full time as a School Secretary.

About my Blog

Just a little blog to share the ups and downs of my hobby.  I just love making stuff and my goal is to make myself an outfit and for someone to say to me “you look great – where did you buy that?”.   I think I’m a way off that yet but it would be lovely if you could share my journey with me. 

I hope that this will become a place where friends can meet to swap ideas or just have a natter over coffee.

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