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I made bags!

Yup!  Not one – but two!  I’m feeling very pleased with myself!

I made my bag from Issue 14 of “Sew Hip” as promised.   It was really easy to make and I want to make lots more.  In fact, Chloe is making one for herself too so I’ll post a pic of that when it’s finished.

Bag - issue 14 Sew Hip

I didn’t waste the leftovers either – I made this from the 25cm scrap that was left. 

Drawstring bag

I found the pattern on .  I did adapt it a little bit as I used just the one piece and stitched up the sides.  Chloe is going to use it to keep her trainers in for school (maybe she’ll manage to come home with both shoes this time!).

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It’s been weeks and weeks since I blogged last – we’re only just back online. 

I have to say it’s not been a brilliant start to the New Year – just before Christmas our poor house was diagnosed with dry rot.  It’s an absolutely horrible fungus thing that spreads like crazy and the treatment is pretty radical.  So basically, since Christmas we’ve been living on a building site while the builders hacked off infected plaster, ripped up floors and pulled out windows.  Anything of value has had to be packed in polythene to stop the phenomenal amount of dust getting into it.  So I’ve had no computer and no sewing machines for weeks!

The good new is the work is all finished bar the decorating.  The bad news is that it’s cost us a fortune (many thousands!) so hubby and I are thinking up ways of making extra cash.  Think I need to pull my finger out and start doing a few craft fairs …..

Anyway – frogs.  Check out this really fab fabric.  I picked it up in Butterfly Fabrics in Cardiff yesterday.

I’m going to make the bag in Issue 14 of Sew Hip magazine.  It looks nice and roomy, which is good because I tend to carry half a ton of junk round with me.  I’ll get hubby to take a pic of it when it’s finished.

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It’s Saturday!

It’s Saturday and the first day of the half-term break!  Yay!  I’m hoping to get lots done this week.

I’ve started work on a pinafore dress in a lovely pink/black woollen fabric.  The pattern is McCall’s M5464 (view A). 


I’d love to get it finished by Wednesday so that I can wear it to visit my Dad, but I think that’s probably a bit optimistic!  So far it’s been pretty easy to construct though – apart from one rather scary instruction to “slash” the dart.  I find things like that terrifying as it’s so permanent, one wrong move and your garment is ruined.  Actually, after a bit of encouragement from my lovely sewing teacher Babs, I found that slashing the dart was really not that scary at all.  Armed with my cutting board and rotary cuttter I simply sliced along the slash line – easy peasy!  So that’s another addition to my list of “new things learned”.

We’re off to Cardiff on Tuesday for shopping and a spot of lunch.  I’m really looking forward to browsing the fabric shops on City Road while we’re there.  I’ll tell you all about it later in the week!

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