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Curtain pics

Well, those curtains are up and not lookin’ bad even if I do say so myself.  Nat was really pleased with them and so were the children.  As you can probably see from the photos it’s not a Post Office any more – I’m guessing it’s a vet’s surgery at the moment ……

Ooh, I almost forgot!  I finished my pinafore on Wednesday night.  I was really pleased with the finished result (that’s got to be a first!) and I wore it to work on Thursday.  I got some very positive comments and a couple of the girls even suggested I make some for them!  I’ll get Kev to take some pictures and get them posted.

Before I start on a new project I’m going try and finish off a couple of things I’ve already started.  My velvet skirt just needs hemming so that shouldn’t take long, but the velvet corset top – that’s a different matter altogether (do I have a velvet fixation?  I think I probably do..).  It’s been thrown in a bag, half finished, for the best part of a year now.  I’d really like to get it finished as it’s such a pretty design, but it’s just soooo difficult!  I’ll take some pics of that too so that I can show you.

Ah well, too tired to sew tonight.  Think I’ll go and settle with that coffee that Kev has just made me …… 🙂

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Keepin’ busy

It’s our anniversary today.  We’ve been married 18 years.  And I’m spending the evening on my own. 😦  Everybody say “aaw”.

Kevin has to work this evening (he’s a nurse) which is a shame – the having to work bit, not the being a nurse bit – but I’m managing to keep myself entertained.

I made a pair of curtains this evening!  How cool is that?  They’re for a “pretend” post office that one of our teacher’s has had built in her classroom.  She’d picked up some lovely jazzy fabric from Ikea on the weekend and brought it in to school today.  They all know I’m really into my sewing at the moment (I probably bore the pants off them talking about it all the time!) so she knew I’d be keen to try a new challenge.

Actually, they were really easy to make.  I cut the fabric into two and overlocked the cut edges to stop them fraying.  Then all I had to do was turn a narrow hem down the sides and one wide enough at the top to thread the pole through (she didn’t want any header tape so that made it easier).  I didn’t hem the bottoms just in case the fabric wasn’t long enough but because I’d already overlocked them they looked ok.  I’m really pleased with the finished result.  I’ll take some pics of them tomorrow “in situ”.

Talking of pics, Kevin opened a Folksy shop yesterday to try and sell some of his photographs.  Take a little peek at

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