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Happy 2011!

Well, here we are.  2011.  Is this going to be the start of a mega-crafting year for me I wonder?  I would like it to be, but, knowing myself as I do, I will probably spend much of the year procrastinating.  Does it count if you read about crafting?  I do lots of that.  I love to sit and read about all the wonderful projects I could start, then plan what fabric I’m going to use and when I’d wear or use said completed project.  And then I don’t actually do it.  I’m a bit rubbish that way.  I need to be poked with a stick to actually get something done.  Which leads neatly to my latest project …….

I poked myself with a stick for this one.  I wanted to make myself a dress for my work Christmas “do”, so to make sure I actually started (and finished it) I told everyone in work that I was GOING TO MAKE MY OWN DRESS.  They were suitably impressed which meant I had to pull my finger out and get on with it!

The pattern I chose was Butterick 4343. 

I’d seen Tess Daly sporting something similar in “Strictly” a few weeks earlier and she looked fab in it (I however am not Tess Daly but I didn’t let that minor point bother me!).  As the pattern claimed to be “Fast & Easy” I thought I’d give it a go.

Well, it was neither fast nor easy but I rather suspect that the problem was more to do with my lack of expertise than the pattern itself.  I needed to make a Full Bust Adjustment in order to contain my ample bosom which took a couple of attempts with a toile.  Got there in the end though.

I’d bought some lovely fabric online from Fabricland – “Can Can” taffeta in Shot Peacock colour.  They also supplied me with the lining, zip and thread for a grand total of £17.  Bargain!

Making the dress went without too many hitches (although I did manage to cut the lining out the wrong way round and stitch it to the dress back to front!).  After a lot of huffing and unpicking I managed to sort that out.

Everyone in work got a blow-by-blow account of how the dress was coming on (whether they wanted it or not) bless them, and I managed to finish it with two whole days to spare!

I’m sure you’re all desperate to see the finished result aren’t you?  Here it is – drum roll please – Tada!!

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Finally happy with the dress

At last!  I’ve finally made a version of New Look 6207 that I’m happy with.  I’ve altered the shoulders slightly so that the back lies (almost) flat.  I’ve worn it in public and I felt comfortable in it.  Success! 

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Crisis of confidence

I’m feeling pretty down about my abilities as a dressmaker.  This morning I felt pretty positive but my emotions with regards to sewing are like a roller-coaster.  Why do I feel so miserable?  This is the culprit ..

It looks ok on the dummy but when I wear it the back gapes out.  It wouldn’t feel so bad but it’s actually the third time I’ve made it – I made two “test” pieces before cutting into the actual fabric and thought I’d altered it properly.

The problem lies mainly with my bust – I’m a DD cup.  The first attempt I cut the top in a size 14 and graded the skirt section down to a 12.  I sure those of you experienced in alterations know that that wasn’t going to work – it fit across my bust but nowhere else .

My second attempt I cut the pattern out as a 12 and then added a little at the bust seams.  On the test this seemed to work but for some reason on the dress proper the back still gapes.  I can’t work out what to do about it.  Do I take a little off the zip edge seam or do I cut it in a 10 and add more to the bust?  Or do I just not bother?  Give up?  Admit defeat?

I sometimes feel that I should just give up and find a new hobby.  I love sewing but I rarely seem to be able to make things fit properly.

I’m not really going to give up of course but I worry that I’m never going to be as successful as my heart wants me to be.

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Curtain pics

Well, those curtains are up and not lookin’ bad even if I do say so myself.  Nat was really pleased with them and so were the children.  As you can probably see from the photos it’s not a Post Office any more – I’m guessing it’s a vet’s surgery at the moment ……

Ooh, I almost forgot!  I finished my pinafore on Wednesday night.  I was really pleased with the finished result (that’s got to be a first!) and I wore it to work on Thursday.  I got some very positive comments and a couple of the girls even suggested I make some for them!  I’ll get Kev to take some pictures and get them posted.

Before I start on a new project I’m going try and finish off a couple of things I’ve already started.  My velvet skirt just needs hemming so that shouldn’t take long, but the velvet corset top – that’s a different matter altogether (do I have a velvet fixation?  I think I probably do..).  It’s been thrown in a bag, half finished, for the best part of a year now.  I’d really like to get it finished as it’s such a pretty design, but it’s just soooo difficult!  I’ll take some pics of that too so that I can show you.

Ah well, too tired to sew tonight.  Think I’ll go and settle with that coffee that Kev has just made me …… 🙂

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