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Even husbands have clever ideas sometimes …

I’ve lost my full-length mirror.

Well, not “lost” in the true sense of the word.  It didn’t fall out of my pocket whilst I was walking down the street (I think I would probably have noticed).  No,  I mean lost as in “don’t have it any more”.  It was bolted to our “middle room” door and, whilst the door was really ugly, the mirror was really handy to check the progress of my sewing projects.

A couple of weeks ago we changed all the doors in the house – the house is about 120 years old and has needed an awful lot of work (and still does).  Unfortunately the doors weren’t 120 years old, they were more cheap 1970’s ply painted a rather grim green.  So out they went along with my mirror.

Now, until I buy a new mirror, how do I check how my garment looks on?  This is where Kevin has a stroke of genius!  “Why don’t I photograph you wearing the dress and you can examine it on the pc?”.  Fab idea 🙂

He took full length shots from front, back and sides and then close-ups of any areas I had doubts about.  In many ways it was better than a mirror because how many of us can see how something sits on the back of our own neck?

I can see what needs tweaking and refer back to the pic whenever I need to. 

Actually, maybe I won’t buy a mirror after all ……..

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