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Busy Bee …

… exactly what I’ve been the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, not many pics to show you what I’ve done.  Everything I’ve made recently I’ve finished by the skin of my teeth so no time to take photos but hopefully I can take some retrospectively.

Firstly, I finished the costumes for the class assembly.  I have to say I was very pleased with the way they came out although the bonnets were a little on the “snug” side.  If I made them again for the same age child I think I would use narrower seam allowances.  I would definitely recommend the pattern though – nice and easy to use and the bonnets look gorgeous.  I’m pretty certain Jen took some pictures of the assembly so hopefully I’ll be able to post some in September when we go back to school.

I’ve also had a go at upcycling “The practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value”.  There was a great project to upcycle an old pair of jeans into a skirt in Issue 15 of “Sew Hip” .  I have to admit, I’m not blessed with great ideas so previous attempts at refashioning clothes have been rather, well – let’s not beat about the bush, pathetic.  But following Tracy Cushing’s clear instructions – voila!

I added a little (very basic) embroidery i.e. cross stitch, blanket stitch & running stitch.  The last time I used those stitches I was 10 and making a Sampler Pencil Case out of binca (remember that?) in school.  I also added some little mother of pearl buttons that I’d bought for another “upcycling” project that never really happened.  I’m quite pleased with the result, especially as the jeans were so badly torn at the thigh (“curvy” thighs – jeans always split there with me) that I was going to bin them.

I’ve given my crochet hooks an airing for the first time in about 8 years.  My friend recently gave birth to a baby boy so I crochet him a little jacket and beret.  I used a pattern from Sirdar book 269 “Babies in Crochet”.  It’s the only “proper” boys pattern I’ve ever managed to find.  I want a pic of him wearing it and I’ll post that as soon as I get one.

And lastly (but not leastly) I’ve been making end of term gifts for some of the girls in work.  I’ve dabbled occasionally in jewellery-making so made a few pairs of earrings (no pics – sorry) and also some matching bracelets (piccies above – sorry they’re a bit pants, photography’s hubby’s specialist area but he’s in work).  I saw something very similar in a local gallery for an absolutely extortionate price and thought “I can do that”.  So I did.  It’s a bit tough on the fingers but the results are worth it.

Time to clean the house now s’pose …..

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I made bags!

Yup!  Not one – but two!  I’m feeling very pleased with myself!

I made my bag from Issue 14 of “Sew Hip” as promised.   It was really easy to make and I want to make lots more.  In fact, Chloe is making one for herself too so I’ll post a pic of that when it’s finished.

Bag - issue 14 Sew Hip

I didn’t waste the leftovers either – I made this from the 25cm scrap that was left. 

Drawstring bag

I found the pattern on .  I did adapt it a little bit as I used just the one piece and stitched up the sides.  Chloe is going to use it to keep her trainers in for school (maybe she’ll manage to come home with both shoes this time!).

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It’s been weeks and weeks since I blogged last – we’re only just back online. 

I have to say it’s not been a brilliant start to the New Year – just before Christmas our poor house was diagnosed with dry rot.  It’s an absolutely horrible fungus thing that spreads like crazy and the treatment is pretty radical.  So basically, since Christmas we’ve been living on a building site while the builders hacked off infected plaster, ripped up floors and pulled out windows.  Anything of value has had to be packed in polythene to stop the phenomenal amount of dust getting into it.  So I’ve had no computer and no sewing machines for weeks!

The good new is the work is all finished bar the decorating.  The bad news is that it’s cost us a fortune (many thousands!) so hubby and I are thinking up ways of making extra cash.  Think I need to pull my finger out and start doing a few craft fairs …..

Anyway – frogs.  Check out this really fab fabric.  I picked it up in Butterfly Fabrics in Cardiff yesterday.

I’m going to make the bag in Issue 14 of Sew Hip magazine.  It looks nice and roomy, which is good because I tend to carry half a ton of junk round with me.  I’ll get hubby to take a pic of it when it’s finished.

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My “cwtch”

Cwtch [pronounced cootch].   (adj) (v) Welsh.

I like the word cwtch.  It’s a nice word.  A warm and fuzzy word.  It’s also a word with more than one meaning.

Now my favourite definition of the word is the verb (to cwtch).  It means to hug; to cuddle; to comfort.  If one of my children fell over when they were little they would want a cwtch from Mammy to make them better.  If I’m feeling chilly in the evening, there’s no better way to get warm than a cwtch from my hubby.  See?  Nice word.  Use it lots.

The other definition of cwtch is the one I want to tell you about today.  It’s also a nice word.  It describes a small, cosy space.  Most Welsh houses have a “cwtch dan stâr” (the little space under the staircase); or if your puppy has been naughty you may tell him to “cer cwtch!” (go to your basket!). 

I have my own cwtch where I sew.  My cwtch is at the top of the stairs outside my bedroom door.  It’s where the landing turns to make a [very little] “L” shape.  My sewing table just about squeezes into my cwtch. 

On top of my table I have my sewing machine; my overlocker; my lamp; my ham & sleeve roll; my magazine holders full of “Sewing World”, “Sew Hip” & “Sew” magazines; my quilting extension table and the thing that catches all the bits from my overlocker.

Underneath the table I have a little chest of drawers full of all my bits & bobs and sewing paraphenalia; my plastic boxes and bags of fabric; my bin and my chair.



(note: the bannister is quite useful to hold “work in progress”)

Ok, not a very organised or practical cwtch (to sew, everything has to be moved and dumped on my bed) but it’s mine.  It’s warm and cosy and quiet and I rarely get disturbed.  It’s where all my creations are – well – created!  It’s where all my disasters happen.  It would be nice to have a bigger cwtch – perhaps enough space so I don’t need to hire a removal van every time I want to stich a hem – but then it wouldn’t be a cwtch……… would it?

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I’m hooked on Folksy!

I read about this website a couple of days ago in the March issue of “Sew Hip”.  What a great site!  It’s very similar to Etsy but its a UK site so no having to convert from $s to £s when trying to work out the prices.  For me it has a nicer feel than Etsy too.

Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of this afternoon browsing Folksy – there are so many talented people out there.  I just love the cloth toys in the “Covetables” shop! 

If you click on “sewing” under the Practices column it shows you literally thousands of different things for sale that people have sewn.  Even if you decide not to buy anything I dare you not to feel inspired!

Also on offer are fabrics, notions, trims etc.  A lovely shop to browse is ‘vInTaGe VioLeT’s BuTtOnS’ .  It pretty much does what it says on the tin – lots and lots of original vintage buttons and trims.   Its well worth a look.

Don’t just take my word for it – click  🙂

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